Smart ventilation? Use a DucoBox!

Smart ventilation? Use a DucoBox!

We label a lot of things as smart. So what does smart ventilation mean for a DucoBox?

Smart mechanical ventilation is designed to take away hassles from the user as much as possible. It has to operate and adjust itself. The aim is to create a healthy indoor climate without the occupant even having to look at the controls.

How did we manage that at DUCO? Here’s how.

Step 1: smart demand management

Smart technology starts from the idea that the occupants should do as little as possible themselves. They use a controller to operate the ventilation, so this is a natural first step.

The controller allows the occupants to activate and deactivate ventilation whenever they wish. This is a three-position switch for making the ventilation run at low, medium or high speeds. But to be really smart, the ventilation device must be able to do this itself.

Our solution? We add a fourth mode to the switch: the automatic mode. This mode becomes the default and allows the ventilation system to speed up and down by itself as required.

How does a DucoBox determine that? By sensors. The detection of the amount of CO2 and humidity in the air allows the ventilation device to decide for itself how hard to work. A well-tuned system keeps the indoor climate at the right level without any intervention from the occupant.

That's smart, but it can be smarter.

Step 2: smart zone control

Zone control is a logical evolution of demand control. Ventilating only when needed is complemented by ventilating only where needed. Just as you turn off the light when leaving a room, the same is true of not ventilating areas where no one is present.

This maximises the efficiency of the ventilation system. Compared to central extraction systems (where all rooms are ventilated simultaneously), the power consumption here is completely localised to one zone. This also has a positive impact in terms of noise production and energy efficiency.

As only those zones are active where ventilation is needed, the fan does not have to work as hard or as long. So you get significant gains in terms of energy efficiency and acoustics.

Smart ventilation: our recommendations

Powerful but simple! Combine the DucoBox Silent with the necessary sensors and create a simple but effective installation.

Tailor-made indoor climate. The DucoBox Focus can be equipped with up to 11 control valves with built-in sensors. This ensures there is always a solution for your unique situation.

Are window vents not quite your thing? No problem: combine the DucoBox Energy Comfort Plus with room sensors and the external 2-zone valve. Mechanical supply and extraction on top of heat recovery ensure unparalleled comfort.

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