DucoBox Energy Comfort (Plus)

DucoBox Energy Comfort (Plus)

First choice for building projects

The DucoBox Energy Comfort is a Mechanical Ventilation box with Heat Recovery (MVHR). This smart and silent ventilation box, with its adjustable capacity of up to 550 m3/h is the ideal solution for apartments and houses due to its compact size. The left/right exchange is 100% software-driven thanks to the patented principle of double by-pass. The dynamic air distribution filters, together with the smart demand control based on CO2 and humidity, ensure for exceptional efficiency within this compact unit.

Compact & light

This lightweight unit of 21 kg can easily be installed by 1 person. With its compact dimensions, the DucoBox Energy Comfort is ideal for a small technical space!

Left/right exchangeable

This unit is very user-friendly because physical interventions are not necessary. The left/right exchange is carried out 100% by software thanks to a patented principle of double by-pass.

AUTO calibration

Relying on the principles of calibration at constant pressure, this method achieves a 50% saving on calibration timeFor a standard calibration, this quickly means a saving of €40 on the installation cost.

High Efficiency

The use of dynamic air filters guarantee a very high efficiency rate. In combination with the possibility to include intelligent on-demand-controlling of the DucoBox Energy Comfort (based on CO2- and/or humidity-sensors), this results in a very energy efficient performance.

Smart copy function

Thanks to a “copy”-function which is integrated on software-level, the installer has the possibility to copy the settings and parametrisation of one DucoBox Energy Comfort onto the next DucoBox Energy Comfort. This is particularly useful in a serial construction with the same types of houses.


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