SkyVent SR (AK+)

SkyVent ZR

In the SkyVent SR, an aluminium outer section has been provided for maximum wind and water resistance. Ideal for use in high-rise buildings up to a height of 70 metres.

A variant was specifically designed for the UK in line with current regulations: the SkyVent UK. Here the internal ventilation flap is limited at the equivalent area to 5000, 7500 or 10000 mm. This is always performed in a sound-absorbing AK version. More information about the SkyVent UK can be found in our Innovation in Top Ventilation leaflet.

Remark: The application height depends on the installation situation, see for more info.

  • For high-rise buildings:  up to 70m high!
  • 'High performance' ventilation
  • Aesthetic outer cover 
  • Highest class  of wind- and watertightness

Technical features

Download the Brochure Natural & Sound Absorbing Ventilation (Export) for ventilation flow rates and acoustic values.

Technical features
Controllability in function of the pressure difference P3
Windtightness in closed position 600 Pa
Watertightness in closed position 1350 Pa