TopVent SR (AK+)

TopVent ZR

Compact & aesthetic

With the TopVent range, DUCO puts energy efficiency and acoustic and thermal comfort first. This grille is the redeveloped version of the DucoTop 60 SR (AK+).

The aesthetic appearance of the grille is enhanced by the invisible punching. The upward airflow guarantees a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. The grille guarantees quick assembly, high stability on the window and the highest airtightness class. The top is transparent and fitted with pre-drilled fibreglass-reinforced ties. The anchor channel at the top provides a rapid and secure fixing to the solid structure.

A variant was specifically designed for the UK in line with current regulations: the TopVent UK . Here the internal ventilation flap is limited at the equivalent area to 5000, 7500 or 10000 mm. This is always performed in a sound-absorbing AK version. More information about the TopVent UK can be found in our Innovation in Top Ventilation leaflet.

  • Optimum aesthetics thanks to ‘invisible’ punching
  • Suitable for fitting on any window section : depths from 60 to 215 mm
  • Only 60 mm grille height
  • Plastic thermal bridge top and bottom

Technical features

Download the Brochure Natural & Sound Absorbing Ventilation (Export) for ventilation flow rates and acoustic values.

Technical features
Windtightness in closed position 600 Pa
Watertightness in closed position 1350 Pa

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