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30 % of people born after 1980 in industrialised countries are clinically allergic?

Airtight construction, ventilation and solar shading hand in hand

Insulation is a good thing, ventilation is a necessity

Airtight construction and good ventilation are hot topics. This is logical given the great energy benefits for the occupant. If we fail to give ventilation proper attention, this does not constitute a healthy state of affairs. However, given improved insulation and airtight construction and renovation methods, for compliance with the ever more stringent energy performance standards, controlled air flows are the norm rather than the exception. But this does not solve all the problems. After all, as many as one in six Europeans live in an unhealthy building. (Velux, 2017)

Harmful indoor air must also be able to leave the building. If not, the risk of health problems and moisture accumulation increases considerably. Around 30% of people born after 1980 in industrialised countries are clinically allergic. (Leefmilieu Brussel, 2018) For many a real source of irritation but a daily reality. Insulation is a good thing but ventilation is a necessity!


Counteracting overheating

By constantly increasing the airtightness in buildings and renovations and by using thicker insulation materials the question is no longer how heat should be retained but how to be able to counteract overheating during the warmer months. Solar shading has a major part to play in this but also efficient ventilation plays a key role in creating a healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient building.

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