3 Advantages of energy efficient ventilation

3 Advantages of energy efficient ventilation

Energy efficient indoor ventilation forms the basis for functioning well, creating a healthy indoor climate and keeping out germs. However, despite there being numerous ventilation possibilities, they are not always energy efficient. In this blog, we will describe how you can obtain low energy ventilation and the advantages this has for you.

Each day we breathe out 1 kg of CO2 and around 10,000 litres of oxygen enter our lungs when we breathe in. We therefore use the oxygen that is present in a room. What's more, we spend at least 90% of our time indoors.

So if we do not ventilate, this results in low oxygen levels and too much CO2. In short, an unhealthy indoor climate. The consequences of this include headaches, nausea, tiredness and concentration problems.

So the importance of ventilation is clear. But ventilation requires energy. And that is something we all feel in our wallet. Fortunately there are many possibilities for reducing energy loss when ventilating.


How do you achieve energy efficient ventilation?

If you want to ventilate in an energy efficient way, you have various options. Self-regulating window ventilators in the window, door or wall already ensure for a supply of fresh air indoors and an extraction of stale and unhealthy air outside.

A demand-controlled ventilation system, such as the DucoBox Focus, uses the principle of zonal ventilation, whereby you only ventilate when and where it is necessary and to the amount required.

A heat recovery unit removes stale and humid air from the house, while at the same allowing healthy and fresh air to flow inside. This system consists of a heat exchanger that preheats the fresh air. This eliminates cold bridges and ensures it does not cool off indoors during colder days. Your heating therefore does not have to switch on so quickly on cold days.

A demand-controlled heat recovery system, such as the DucoBox Energy Premium or the DucoBox Energy Comfort, is an even more energy efficient solution which also allows you to ventilate according to zone. DUCO hereby supplies the most efficient mechanical ventilation available on the market!


What are the advantages of energy efficient ventilation?

  1. Lower energy costs for owners and companies

    Zonal ventilation divides the home or building into rooms/zones.  This enables us to ventilate only where it is necessary at that moment. So only in the rooms where people (and therefore too much CO2) are located at the time.

    An energy efficient ventilation system with zone control works with sensors that automatically detect CO2 and air humidity. This development prevents unnecessary energy costs.


  1. Better indoor air quality 

    Modern ventilation boxes not only use much less energy, they also realise a better air quality. This is done via a constant supply of fresh air and the extraction of stale air and/or moisture.

    A well-functioning ventilation system is therefore crucial. Otherwise health complaints such as listlessness, headache, fatigue and even respiratory problems and allergies may arise,  An energy efficient ventilation system has a positive impact on the indoor air quality and therefore on our health.

  2. Energy saving ventilation

    Energy saving ventilation systems ensure a healthier indoor climate. Thanks to energy saving ventilation you keep harmful substances such as humidity, mould and CO2 outside and reduce your risk of health complaints.

    Did you know that CO2 is actually one of the most harmful greenhouse gases there is? All around the world measures are being taken to drastically reduce CO2. And a good thing too, as time is running out. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to truly do all we can and actively contribute to a healthier future.

    And this also applies to owners of companies. They have a huge impact, after all. And we as a company understand this all too well and are putting all our weight behind a greener future by reducing the environmental footprint of new buildings and renovations. We contribute through our energy efficient products that are constantly tested, improved and innovated. We are setting a good example and hope that many will follow this.

    The step towards a greener and therefore brighter future? That is zonal ventilation!



Energy efficient ventilation thanks to DUCO

 DucoBox Focus - MEV system

Thanks to the patented internal control valves, DucoBox Focus provides a zonal extraction of stale and/or humid air. A single DucoBox Focus ventilation box can ventilate as many as 11 rooms! The intelligent measurements based on CO2 and/or humidity ensure that ventilation is carried out only when and where it is necessary and to the amount required. Energy efficiency at its best!


DucoBox Energy Premium & DucoBox Energy Comfort (Plus) - MVHR system

When it comes to energy efficiency, the DucoBox Energy Premium (up to 400 m³/h) & DucoBox Energy Comfort (Plus) (up to 550m³/h)undoubtedly wear the crown. As a balanced ventilation system with heat recovery both ventilation units supply the home with fresh air and extract the stale air from the home with the help of integrated fans.

Heat is recovered from the extracted air, and this same heat is then transferred to the supplied air. Everything happens fully mechanically and automatically. The occupant therefore does not have to do anything for there to be fresh air at any particular moment and place in the home.

Due to the integrated 2-zone control with demand control based on CO2 and humidity we can achieve optimum energy efficiency. The day and night zone is controlled separately by an integrated valve, which realises the highest energy savings and a green A+ energy label.


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