Conditions of use, Privacy and Cookie policy

Conditions of use, Privacy and Cookie policy


Last updated on 23 April 2018



1. Identity of the service provider


The identification data of the service provider are:



Handelsstraat 19

8630 Veurne, Belgium

KBO no. 0456.974.225



Unless otherwise indicated, ‘DUCO’ on the website refers to the companies, logos, company names and/or trademarks of the Service Provider and, if relevant, the companies directly or indirectly affiliated to the Service Provider.


For any queries relating to DUCO, please send an email to:


2. Online conditions of use


DUCO provides technical and commercial information, in its own name, about its products via the website (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Website’).


Use of the Website, as well as the information found thereon (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Information’), is subject to these Conditions of Use. By gaining access to the Website, use thereof, or downloading the Website or the Information, you accept in your own name and in the name of any entity and individual you represent, to respect these Conditions of Use and the terms and conditions defined on the Website.


If you do not agree to this, you must leave the Website immediately and you may not use the Website, nor may you download the Website or the Information.


3. Use of the website and the information


The Website, and also the Information, is provided for purely informational reasons. They cannot be used for other purposes. DUCO, its affiliated companies and suppliers do not guarantee the usefulness, reliability and accuracy of the Information on the Website.


The Information provided on the Website by DUCO is based on data and information originating from different sources, including you, employees and agents of our company, third party vendors, suppliers, etc. DUCO has not verified the accuracy of the Information. You should, therefore, verify the completeness and correctness of the Information provided yourself.


Forecasts, calculations and estimates which form part of the Information provided by DUCO on the Website (including the results from the calculation programs featured on the Website) are based on historical data and/or projections. Although DUCO believes that these projections are reasonable, DUCO does not guarantee the correctness of such forecasts, calculations and estimates.


If DUCO becomes aware of any inaccuracy, it will correct this as quickly as possible.


Where you have the opportunity to supply information to the Website, you will exercise the necessary care in order to ensure that the information provided is accurate.


4. Unlawful or prohibited use


Any use of the Website or of the Information for unlawful reasons, and any use contrary to these Conditions of Use, is forbidden.


By using the Website, you agree as follows:


  • To comply with these Conditions of Use,
  • To abstain from any actions which impede use by other users or disturb the security of the Website,
  • Not to (attempt to) use someone else's log-in without the authorisation of the Service Provider.


If you think that use of the Website by a user is contrary to these Conditions of Use, or violates your (intellectual property) rights, you can report this to DUCO at the address above.


If you ascertain that information on the Website infringes the (intellectual property) rights of a third party, you can report this to DUO at the address above. The Service Provider will assess the report, notify you of its findings and if necessary delete the information concerned, or arrange for this to be done, without admitting any liability in this respect.

Where the Website provides online communications, these facilities can only be used in order to send messages to DUCO which are associated with DUCO’s products. You must refrain from sending messages with inappropriate content (which may include messages that are unlawful, defamatory or obscene, which contain threats, infringe third-party rights, contain viruses or other programs which can damage the hardware or software of the network, or contain advertising, questionnaires, competitions or chain letters). 


5. Passwords and user ID numbers


Access to the Website, or a part thereof can be restricted via the use of Passwords and User ID numbers. In this case, the Passwords and the User ID numbers belong individually to the person to whom they were issued. They cannot be transferred.


You are obliged to keep your Password and User ID number confidential and protect them at all times. Any known or presumed loss, theft, disclosure or misuse of the Passwords and User ID numbers must be brought to the attention of DUCO immediately.


You are personally responsible as user for any use (including any unauthorised use) of the Passwords and User ID numbers.


DUCO is entitled to close down a certain access by a user, and this includes but is not limited to the following:

-       in the event of unlawful use by the user;

-       if the user does not use the access for a period of more than one year;

-       if DUCO considers this useful or necessary for the security of the system or in order to safeguard its own interests or those of the user;

-       in the event of notification by the user of loss or theft of their Password and User ID number.


6. Intellectual property


The Website (including, but not limited to, all aspects of its construction and design) and the Information (including, but not limited to, data, charts, logos, drawings, diagrams, photos) featured on the Website comprise works protected by intellectual property rights belonging to DUCO and third parties. The Website and the Information are consequently protected by intellectual property rights such as, although not restricted to, copyright and related rights, trademark law, rights to trade names, logos, drawings, models, software, databases and inventions, and also patent law, which belong to DUCO or to third parties with which DUCO has the necessary contractual agreements in place.


DUCO names and logos are registered trademarks. It is forbidden to use the trademarks, or other distinctive marks used by DUCO featured on the Website, without prior written approval from DUCO.


It is forbidden to use the Website and the Information for purposes other than for which they are made accessible. More precisely, the Information may not be changed, reproduced, republished, uploaded, passed on or downloaded for other purposes than those for which they were made accessible.


The user recognises the intellectual property rights of DUCO and shall undertake to refrain from any infringement of these intellectual property rights.


7. DUCO products


The Website may include references to DUCO’s products or its business partners which are not available in your country. Such references do not imply that DUCO or its business partners intend to make these products available in your country. Please consult your local DUCO distributor for information about products that are available for you.


8. Software available on the website


If software can be downloaded via the Website, this software is a copyrighted work of DUCO and/or its software provider. The software is only offered for use on a non-exclusive basis and solely for the purposes for which it is made available by the Website.


DUCO and its suppliers do not give any guarantee regarding the software.


9. Privacy

The personal data is processed in accordance with DUCO's Privacy Policy, including a Cookie policy. For all information about the processing of your personal data, please click on the following link in order to read the Privacy Policy: [insert link to Privacy Policy]

10. Links to other websites


The Website may contain hyperlinks to websites or pages of third parties, or refer indirectly to them. When you click on these links, you will leave the Website. Any links to these websites or pages does not in any way imply an implicit approval of the content thereof. DUCO expressly declares that it does not have any control over the content or over other features of these websites. It cannot in any way be held liable for damage attributable to the content or the features of these sites.


The personal data that you want to issue to non-affiliated third parties does not come under the DUCO privacy policy. DUCO recommends consulting the privacy policy of the companies to whom you provide personal data. Some other companies may opt to share their personal data with DUCO; this communication is governed by the privacy policy of this third party.


If you want to place a link to DUCO, you should request this in an email sent to


11. Limitation of liability


Within the confines of the law DUCO, its affiliated companies and suppliers are in no way liable for your direct or indirect damage, including but not exhaustively (i) damage via loss to data, delay or impossibility to use the Website, impossibility to retrieve Information or material errors in the Information, impossibility to use the Software via the Website and also (ii) damage in any way ensuing from use of the Website, regardless whether it concerns contractual or extra-contractual damage.


Any legal proceedings must be instituted by you within 3 months after notification of your complaint to DUCO. This concerns a strict time limit.


12. User liability


You are responsible vis-à-vis DUCO for any direct or indirect loss, liability, damage and costs (including legal costs without any restriction) which DUCO suffers partially or entirely and must incur as a consequence of your misuse of the Website or the Information, or as a consequence of your infringement of these Conditions of Use or other terms and conditions defined on the Website.


13. Deletion or access restriction


DUCO is entitled to change the terms and conditions for use of the Website, after prior notice. In the event of changes the new terms and conditions will be made available online for review and acceptance.


DUCO reserves the right to change the Website, the Passwords and User ID numbers and also the safeguards, such as, for example, if evolutions in technology and security systems, or any change in the applicable laws and regulations, so require. Such changes will if possible be communicated to the users beforehand.


DUCO reserves the right to suspend (access to) the Website for maintenance or in order to carry out modifications or improvements to the system. Wherever possible, the user will be informed of this.


DUCO accepts no liability for the temporary or permanent unavailability of the Website.


14. General


If these terms and conditions or specific aspects of these terms and conditions are void or otherwise unenforceable as a result of the applicable legislation, the null and void clause will be replaced by a clause of which the content is most closely aligned with the original clause, and the Conditions of Use shall otherwise retain their full effect.


15. Applicable law


These terms and conditions are subject to Belgian law and any dispute in relation to the Website will come exclusively under the jurisdiction of the courts of Veurne.


16. Questions or comments


If you have any questions or comments in relation to these terms and conditions, please send a detailed message to




Last updated on 23 April 2018



1. Introduction


DUCO respects the right to the protection of personal data and ensures optimum protection of this data. DUCO processes personal data in a lawful, honest and transparent manner.


By using the Website (hereinafter the ‘Use’), the User acknowledges that they have read this privacy statement and agree fully, unconditionally and expressly with the content thereof and with the processing of your personal data.


2. Applicability of the Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy is applicable to all persons whose Personal Data is processed via the website of DUCO (hereinafter ‘the Website’) and who have provided their express permission at the time of registering in order to have their Personal Data processed by DUCO for the purposes defined under Article 6.


DUCO will amend this Policy periodically. The use of the information which DUCO gathers and processes is subject to the Privacy Policy that is in operation at the time this information is collected and processed. If DUCO makes any modifications in the way in which it gathers or processes the personal data, it will always provide notice of such in a timely manner.


Users, as defined below, are bound by every amendment to the Privacy Policy from as soon as they use the Website after these modifications have been disclosed, save for where these changes are so fundamental that DUCO believes that it requires the express prior consent of the User.


3. Definitions


The following definitions apply:


(1)     Cookies: small text files and numerical files which can be placed on a computer when visiting a website or viewing an advertisement. The main purpose of the cookies is to collect information about the visits by the User to websites and in order to provide the User with personalised services;


(2)     Purposes: the purposes for Processing as defined under point 6;


(3)     DUCO: VERO DUCO N.V., with its registered office at 8630 Veurne, Handelsstraat 19, with e-mail address;


(4)     Users: the individuals who use the Website, whether or not via creating a personal Profile;


(5)     Personal data: all information about an identified or identifiable natural person (“the data subject”); regarded as identifiable is a natural person who can directly or indirectly be identified, in particular by means of an identifier such as a name, ID number, location data, an online identifier or by means of one or more elements typical of the physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity of the natural person;


(6)     Data Controller: the natural person or legal person, service or other body that, independently or together with others, defines the aim of and the resources for processing personal data;


(7)     Processor: the natural person or legal person, government body, service or other body that processes on behalf of the Data Controller for processing Personal Data.


(8)     Processing: a processing or a collection of processing operations in relation to personal data or a collection of personal data, whether or not carried out via automated procedures, such as collecting, recording, organising, structuring, storing, updating or amending, retrieving, consulting, using, issuing by means of transmission, distribution or making available in some other way, aligning or combining, blocking, erasing or destroying data; 


(9)     Website: the website of DUCO;


4. Personal data collected and processed by DUCO


4.1 Personal data that you make available to DUCO


The Personal Data that you make available to DUCO can be:


(a)  Your surname and first name;

(b)  Your address, being street and house number, postcode, town and country;

(c)   Your e-mail address;

(d)  Your (mobile) telephone number;

(e)   Your date of birth;

(f)    Your employer’s details.


You will ensure regarding this information that you have provided yourself that it is accurate and correct.

4.2 Automatic processing of personal data


If you use the Website, DUCO will automatically collect and process some information in relation to your browser or your mobile device:


(a)   your IP address

(b)  your type of browser

(c)   your mobile network provider

(d)  the following information in relation to your mobile device or browser:

o   UUID

o   manufacturer

o   model

o   platform

o   OS version

o   OS language

o   OS users’ language

o   Battery level

o   Battery currently being charged (Yes/No)

(e)   application IDs

(f)   cookie information

(g)  information in relation to your use of the Program, including the pages you visit;



5. The legality of the processing of personal data


DUCO processes your Personal Data:


(a)   on the basis of the unequivocal, free and informed consent you provide in this regard to DUCO and

(b)  in order to represent the justified interests of DUCO (in particular for expansion of its activities). 


DUCO will also ensure that it always processes the most up-to-date version of your Personal Data. To this end, you must inform DUCO promptly about any changes in your Personal Data by adjusting your profile and/or sending an e-mail to with the subject: “Change to Personal Data” and accompanied by a copy of your ID card.


6. Purposes of the processing of personal data 


6.1 Your Personal Data is collected and processed by DUCO, solely for the following purposes:

(a)  to enable your registration and authentication when using the Website;

(b)  to permit you to be able to use the Website;

(c)   to permit DUCO to be able to analyse, personalise and optimise the content, operation and security of the Website for the benefit of all Users.

(d)  to provide customer support to Users via e-mail (including responding to questions and supplying requested information)

(e)    to keep statistics with a view to making available these statistics (with or without payment) to third parties; and

(f)     carrying out direct marketing          


DUCO will not process your Personal Data in a way that is incompatible with the Purposes. If DUCO wants to use your Personal Data for other purposes, it will, if necessary, ask for your prior permission in the first instance.

6.2 DUCO emphasises that you are able to object to the disclosure or the use of your Personal Data for direct marketing purposes or targeted advertising based on your surfing behaviour. DUCO will deactivate the use of your Personal Data for direct marketing purposes and targeted advertising based on your surfing behaviour from the receipt of your request by e-mail to, with the subject: “Objection to the use of Personal Data for marketing purposes”.


7. Processing of Personal Data by subcontractor(s)


DUCO can call on subcontractors for the processing of the Personal Data for the Purposes described under point 6.


DUCO will only call on subcontractors who acquire the Personal Data of DUCO, with the intention of processing this for DUCO (i) after having been transferred in accordance with DUCO’s instructions and (ii) in accordance with DUCO’s obligation towards the Users as set out in this Privacy Policy.


DUCO shall call on the following subcontractor(s) at this time: hosting provider and website developer.


8. Sharing Personal Data

Your Personal Data will not be passed on without your permission to someone outside DUCO. You do, however, expressly accept that DUCO will share your Personal Data with the following:

-      our independent employees and members of staff who undertake certain processing operations/activities in accordance with our instructions and under our strict supervision;

-      government agencies or third parties in so far as we are obliged on the basis of the applicable legislation or a judicial order;

-      partners in the context of direct marketing;   

-         our subcontractors as defined in Article 7.


DUCO shares the Personal Data with subcontractors defined in point 7 only in so far as necessary for the Purposes.


9. Storage of personal data


DUCO shall retain the Personal Data in a format that permits identification of your data, for the period required for the Purposes specified under point 6.


10. Rights of the Users


The Users can exercise the following rights in relation to the processing of their Personal Data.


In each case when DUCO receives such a request it will inform you about the action taken within one month of receipt of your request at the latest.


10.1 Inspection, correction and transfer of Personal Data


You can obtain access to your Personal Data, and adjust or correct it by sending an e-mail to including a copy of your ID card with the attachment.


You can also obtain your Personal Data in a structured, customary and machine-readable format if you want to transfer it to another Data Controller.


The list of Personal Data may change according to the functionalities of the Website.


Even after the adjustment and correction of Personal Data copies may remain visible elsewhere, in so far as the Personal Data has been shared with others, or has been shared as a consequence of your privacy settings. DUCO will take reasonable measures in order to inform third parties to whom your Personal Data has been transferred of your request for rectification of your Personal Data.


10.2 Right to deletion of your Personal Data


You can revoke your permission for processing your Personal Data by DUCO at any time. After receipt of your request by e-mail to with the following subject: “Deletion of Personal Data” or “Retraction of permission for processing Personal Data” and accompanied by a copy of your ID Card, DUCO will delete your Personal Data. You will specify which Personal Data must be deleted.


Even after the deletion of Personal Data copies may remain visible elsewhere, in so far as the Personal Data has been shared with others, or has been shared as a consequence of your privacy settings. DUCO will take reasonable measures in order to inform third parties to whom your Personal Data has been transferred of your request to erase or wipe any reproduction of your Personal Data.


Deleted Personal Data will not remain on DUCO’s backup for more than ninety (90) days.


10.3 Restriction of processing


You have the right to ask DUCO to restrict processing of your Personal Data if:

      -    you dispute the accuracy of the Personal Data;

      -    the Processing is unlawful, and you opt for restriction of the processing instead of erasure of the data;

      -    DUCO no longer requires your Personal Data for the Purposes described in Article 6, whilst you require this information for instituting, pursuing or substantiating legal action or proceedings;

      -    you have lodged an objection against the processing.


You can send your request by e-mail to accompanied by a copy of your ID card.


10.4 Right of opposition


You have the right to oppose the processing of your Personal Data if you cite compelling or justified reasons connected with your particular situation. “Compelling” means that you must demonstrate reasons which indicate that the processing may have detrimental consequences for you. “Justified” refers to data which would show that the processing occurs without a legal basis or is unlawful.


If you want to express an objection to a processing of your Personal Data, you can send an e-mail to accompanied by a copy of your ID card.


10.5 Deletion of your profile


DUCO will delete your profile after receipt of your request by e-mail to with the following subject: “Deletion of Personal Data” and accompanied by a copy of your ID card.


DUCO will also delete your Profile if you have not used this Profile for a period of at least 3 years.


If your Profile is deleted your Personal Data will be deleted from the software of the Website and from DUCO’s servers. This deletion will be processed as quickly as possible and no remaining copies of your profile will be left in the backup for more than ninety (90) days.


11. Security and Confidentiality of your Personal Data


DUCO will take all technical and organisational measures in order to ensure the security and confidentiality of your Personal Data in order to avoid the unintended, unauthorised or unlawful (i) destruction, modification, adjustment or loss of Personal Data and/or (ii) notification of or access to the Personal Data, and/or (iii) manners of Processing.


The safeguards will be in accordance with the applicable legislation concerning the protection of Personal Data and will be tailored to the risks peculiar to the Processing and the nature of the Personal Data being processed, taking into account the latest technology and the implementation costs involved. DUCO will immediately inform you of any infringement of this security or confidentiality, unless required by law not to do so.


The Personal Data linked to your profile is protected for your own privacy and security by means of a password. You must avoid unauthorised access to your profile and your Personal Data by choosing carefully a password and protecting this adequately, and by limiting access to your computer and browser by logging off after every use of your profile.


DUCO will implement all measures necessary so that its employees conform to the obligations concerning your Personal Data, and will get employees who need access to this Personal Data to sign a confidentiality agreement individually.


The DUCO Website may contain links to other websites. DUCO is not liable or responsible for the privacy policy and/or the privacy conventions of other websites. You will, therefore, have to become acquainted with the privacy policy of the website in question yourself.


12. Transmission of Personal Data to Third Countries


For proper functioning of the Services, DUCO must be able to transmit Personal Data to countries outside the European Union if needed. These countries might not provide an adequate protection level compared with the protection level of personal data in the European Union. If DUCO passes on your information to countries outside the European Union, it will take the necessary measures to ensure that your privacy rights remain protected to the same extent as provided for in this Policy.


If you use the Website whilst you are outside the European Union your Personal Data can be transmitted to countries outside the European Union.


By making available your Personal Data to DUCO, you provide express permission for the transmission of your Personal Data outside the European Union in the manner indicated above.


13. Reporting a breach


If a breach has occurred in connection with your Personal Data which entails a high risk to your rights and liberties, DUCO will inform you of this immediately. DUCO will notify you more specifically about:


            -    the nature of the breach;

            -    the data that has been communicated to the Commission;

            -    the measures adopted.


14. Cookies


For all information about the processing of your personal data using Cookies, please click on the following link in order to read our Cookie policy (insert link to Cookie policy). The Cookie policy is an integral part of this privacy statement.


15. Questions or comments


In case of questions or comments in connection with the protection of your Personal Data you can always send an e-mail to DUCO will do its utmost to address your concerns.


16. Complaints


If you are not satisfied about how your Personal Data is processed, you have the right to submit a complaint to the Belgian Privacy Commission. You can contact the commission via or by letter addressed to Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussels.




By accepting this Privacy Policy:


-       You confirm that you are fully informed about this Privacy Policy and you are aware that this Policy will be adjusted from time to time;

-       You expressly give DUCO your permission to collect and process your Personal Data as set out under point 4, for the Purposes described in point 6;

-       You expressly give DUCO your permission to use cookies as described under point 14.




Last updated on 23 April 2018


By using the DUCO Website (hereinafter the ‘Use’), you acknowledge that you have read our Cookies’ policy and agree fully, unconditionally and expressly with the content thereof and for as long as you do not expressly revoke this acceptance in writing.


During your Use small text files, so-called ‘cookies’ are automatically downloaded on the computer, the mobile device or any other device that you use to access the Website.

1. What is a cookie?

1.1 The term ‘Cookies’ includes all mini-files which are temporarily stored on the visitor’s workstation or the server of the Website, and contain extracts of information that has been transmitted or generated during a message exchange between the visitor and the server - which in turn is connected with the “web”. Cookies are, therefore, in fact the traces of the dialogue that has taken place between the Internet user and the server. Or, in other words, they are pieces of information that are stored on your device by the server that provides the maintenance and operation of the website. Cookies store a simple, random identification code on your computer. The cookies on your device are managed by your web browser.

Cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information which means that it is not possible to identify an individual using their cookie data. Cookies only identify the device that is used to view the website.

2. Your permission

2.1 The use of Cookies will always require your prior permission, unless they are placed solely in order to carry out the transmission of a communication via an electronic communication network or in order to perform a service you have expressly requested (if strictly necessary for this).

2.2 When downloading, installing or using the website, you also agree that DUCO stores information on your device and has access to information of your device. In particular, this concerns information such as technical information about the device, its number, mobile apps on the device, name of the device, e-mail address installed on the device, relevant identifiers of the device, OS version, name of telecom operator, telephone number and SIM card number,.... You also accept that the (informed) further browsing will be regarded as a positive action to which you give your consent.


3. Why do we use cookies?

3.1 Cookies enable us to:      


-   provide a better and more personalised service and user experience by (in some cases) storing your preferences; 

-     find out more about how the website works (including the number of visits to the website, the date and time of the visits, links to other websites, etc.), optimising the Website and improving the quality of the website;

-     prepare anonymous statistics and carry out market research;

-     identify our Users when they visit our website, keep them logged in to their account [and show them the most relevant advertisements;]

-     apply and enforce our terms of use, prevent fraud and provide maximum security for our website

Finally, Cookies (if required) are also stored on your device as part of the purposes described under point 6 of the Privacy Policy.

3.2 We do not under any circumstances use Cookies for other Purposes or pass them on to third parties, without your prior permission.

4. What kinds of cookies are used?

4.1 The following Cookies are used on the website:

-    ‘Session cookies’: temporary cookies that are deleted as soon as you shut down your web browser.

-     ‘Functional cookies’: cookies that are used for the transmission of signals across a network or for carrying out a service you have requested (e.g., in order to play back audio or pictures). Our website uses these cookies to improve the user-friendliness.   

-     ‘Web analysis cookies’: cookies for compiling anonymous statistics with a view to improving functioning of our website. Our website uses Google Analytics (a web analysis service, whereby cookies are used to create anonymous summary statistics), including Google Display Network (a collection of websites featuring AdWords adverts) and Google’s DoubleClick Website (technology used to be able to create and manage digital adverts and to enable transactions to be carried out).

-     'Cookies of third parties': computer applications of third parties enabling users to share the content of our website with other people or give their opinion about the content of our website to other people. This is particularly the case for buttons such as ‘Share’ or ‘Like’ of social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.

These cookies are used for:

(i)        Browser management,

(ii)       Joining and authentication as a registered member,

(iii)      Saving preferences,

(iv)      Saving data of the user,

(v)       User-specific security information,   

(vi)      Statistics for optimising the website,

(vii)     Statistics on viewing figures or visitor’s country of origin of the website,

(viii)    Load Balancing,

(ix)      Parameters of multimedia readers,

(x)       Use of Adobe Flash Player,

(xi)      Sharing content,

(xii)     Notification of the (collected) data to third parties (e.g., social media sites), and

(xiii)    Any other lawful use of cookies, meta files and traces of the transaction content, and whereby the transaction generates data necessary for being able to continue operations (e.g., such as for an order ).


4.2 When you view the website with buttons such as ‘Share’ or ‘Like’ of social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc., your browser connects with the servers of the social media site.

When you are then connected with the social media site, application buttons might be used in order to link the consulted pages to your user account of the website. If you do not want the social media site to link the information collected via our website to your user account, you must sign out of the social media site before using the website.

You are kindly requested to view the privacy policy of these social media sites in order to get to know the purposes (including advertising) of the use of navigation information which can be collected using these application buttons. For further information, please contact the following social media sites:].

5. How can I manage cookies?

5.1 Every member can oppose the use of the aforementioned cookies or retract their permission at any time by terminating Use of the website.

5.2 In addition, you still have a variety of other options for managing cookies. By changing the settings on your web browser you can alter your navigation on the Internet and also the access conditions for certain services which require the use of cookies. You can opt to switch off all cookies at any time or change your preferences vis-à-vis cookies via the means set out below.

The settings of your web browser:

Different cookie settings apply per browser. You can opt to set your browser in such a way that cookies are stored on your workstation or deleted entirely, either systematically or based on the sender.          

You also have the option to set your browser in such a way that you are asked each time if you want to accept or reject cookies, even before a cookie is saved on your computer.

Please remember, however, that certain cookies are crucial for the operation of certain services provided via the website. For example, if you try to get access to content or services for which identification is required.

Configuration varies according to the browser. This is described in the Help menu of your browser which will allow you to know how you can adjust your preferences in relation to cookies.

The procedure for every browser is described in the guides below:
For Internet Explorer:
For Safari:
For Chrome:
For Firefox: 
For Opera:

6. How long does DUCO keep the Cookies?

6.1 The data that is collected using Cookies is retained for a maximum of two years.

For further information about our Cookie policy, please contact



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