MiniMax SR

MiniMax ZR

MiniMax SR is a self regulating, acoustic vent specifically engineered for ‘unobtrusive’ compact fitting above a transom. Where MiniMax SR sits above a transom, it comes with an extended cowl, making it ideally suited for applications in curtain walling systems. The acoustic air inlet is exceptionally suitable for applications in situations exposed to lower levels of noise disturbance.

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MiniMax SR series vents are particularly well suited for use in combination with DucoMax SR series acoustic vents. MiniMax SR and DucoMax SR series vents have identical inside views. Also, vent height, built-in height and compact transom mounting are equal.

Remark: The application height depends on the installation situation, see for more info.

Technical features
U - value 2 W/m²/K
Windtightness in closed position 600 Pa
Watertightness in closed position 1050 Pa
Glass reduction 0 mm
Ventilator height 105 mm
Transom mounting Transom profile 24 mm mm
Ventilator height compact transom 145 mm
Installation height with compact transom 115 mm
Standard control flap handle 15 mm
Acoustic values octave band values
Acoustic performance

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