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Meet the Energy Family, Europe's quietest and smartest MVHR (heat recovery) units. Discover the complete range with airflow rates up to 550 m³/h.

The future will be greener than ever!

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With an airflow rate of up to 550 m³/h at 200 Pa, DUCO offers a solution for almost every situation!

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The freshest air without disturbing background noise? With the DucoBox Energy Comfort Plus and Energy Premium unwanted noise is completely banned thanks to their excellent sound-absorbing casing (extra attenuation 10 dB). Our innovative heat recovery units are equipped with the quietest fans on the market and are therefore virtually silent. An absolute must in your home.

Smart 2-zone control

All our Mechanical Ventilation units with Heat Recovery (MVHR) are now available with a smart 2-zone control. The external control in the DucoBox Energy Comfort (Plus) improves acoustic comfort and saves energy. The control works with a dynamic valve that optimally distributes the air flows between the two zones, based on demand control (CO₂ and Moisture). The advantage of internal control in the DucoBox Energy Premium lies in the handy plug & play concept: only basic cabling is required for the power supply of the ventilation box.

Installation in no time

The automatic calibration ensures a fast and high-quality installation of all our MHVR units. Adjusting to constant pressure saves you as an installer 50% on the adjustment time. For a standard calibration, this quickly means a saving of €40 on the installation cost.

The handy copy function in the software of the compact DucoBox Energy Comfort (Plus) also makes it possible to transfer the settings to a similar home within serial construction. And that translates into immense time savings on the construction site. In addition, these devices are also 100% software L/R interchangeable.

Carefree life

Thanks to the smart demand and zone control, the resident does not have to do anything at all and is always assured of a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. Our MHVR units provide fresh air in every home in an efficient, energy-efficient and healthy way. The exhaust flow is automatically adjusted to the needs and lifestyle of the residents and to the measured air quality. This means there is always sufficient ventilation, but never too much.

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