DUCO presents mechanical ventilation solutions at InstallerSHOW in Birmingham

DUCO presents mechanical ventilation solutions at InstallerSHOW in Birmingham

During InstallerSHOW 2024, the UK's largest heating, plumbing and renewables expo, DUCO will showcase various mechanical ventilation solutions at booth 5C10, that facilitate the pursuit of obtaining a passive house label.

A range of Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) and Mechanical Ventilation with Heath Recovery (MVHR) will be shown. One by one smart ventilation units that ventilate by zone when needed, making them quieter an more energy efficient.

A selection of our MVHR range

Discover a selection of our range of ventilation units for Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR).

Our smart ventilation units can ventilate by zone when it is needed, making them quieter and more energy efficient!

More about the Energy Family

DucoBox Energy Comfort Plus

The DucoBox Energy Comfort is the first choice of ventilation to be used in building projects. This smart and silent mechanical ventilation box with heat recovery has a total adjustable capacity of up to 450 m3/h is the ideal solution for apartments and houses due to its compact size.

The left/right exchange is 100% software-driven thanks to the patented principle of double by-pass. The dynamic air distribution filters, together with the smart demand control based on CO2 and humidity, ensure for exceptional efficiency within this compact unit.

DucoBox Energy Premium

An energy efficient operation becomes more and more important as “passive” and “energy neutral”-houses become more and more widespread. The DucoBox Energy Premium fits perfectly within this evolution as a very high performance “balanced” ventilation unit.

In a balanced ventilation system, fresh air is supplied to the dwelling by means of a mechanical fan, and stale air is evacuated by means of a second mechanical fan. Thereby heat is recovered from the extracted air and being transferred to the fresh air which is being supplied to the dwelling.

MEV with DucoBox Silent Connect

The DucoBox Silent Connect includes all the advantages of the DucoBox and more! Although wireless (RF) communication is still possible, this development allows all components to communicate with each other via wired connections.

An ideal solution in situations where wireless communication is not or difficult to apply. 

DucoFlex air ducting system

Also the complete and easily installed air ducting system for MEV and MVHR systems, DucoFlex, will be showcased.

By using DucoFlex, you will benefit from the the highest airtightness class D plus the lowest air resistance. The result is an energy-efficient and quiet ventilation system. Moreover, the handy Click & Go system ensures easy installation of all MEV and MVHR systems.

So be sure to schedule this fair in your calendar, then in the pursuit of obtaining a Passive House label, our ventilation solutions are definitely worth to be considered. 

Come and visit us June 25 to 27 and obtain a free ticket to visit our stand 5C10 during the fair!

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