DucoSun Cubic Design

With the modern aluminum DucoSun Cubic Design louvres, each building gets a unique character. Indeed, the design surface structure of these louvres ensures a particularly stylish and contemporary look. The DucoSun Cubic Design is available with fixed or movable louvres, which are mounted (horizontally or vertically) on site in the supporting structure. The external solar shading guarantees the perfect balance by letting in a maximum of sunlight and a minimum of solar heat. Especially in architectural projects, the DucoSun Cubic Design comes into its own.

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High spans

Despite its slender shape, this structural solar shade can withstand very high spans up to 6 m. So the sky really is the limit here!

Integrable LED strips

Do you like that little bit more? In that case, as an option, LED strips can be integrated into the aluminum profile, adding a pinch of dynamism to the façade.

Design surface texture

Go for a one-and-one story and combine functionality with style thanks to the special surface structure in the louvres.

Tailored to every project

The DucoSun Cubic Design louvres are available in different depths (300/500/600 mm) and can therefore be used in numerous projects. Professional customization within everyone's reach!

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