Bring the outside in

We spend around 90% of our time indoors. Everyone should therefore be able to enjoy the benefits of fresh outside air at home, at work or at school. Natural ventilation allows fresh outside air to come in through the façade, because the shortest route is the healthiest: Enjoy fresh air inside.

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It is important for us all to think about how we can improve our indoor life. Whether you’re a homeowner, architect or installer, we all have a responsibility to create a healthy indoor climate.

Healthy ventilation with Mechanical Extract Ventilation  

What is the best approach to ventilation? “What counts is bringing fresh air in directly from outside to inside. Because this dilutes the concentration of pollutants.  The fresh air that comes out of a Mechanical Extract System is often better received by the human body. The reason for this is purely psychological: “Fresh air that reaches living spaces through ducts, can be experienced differently to air that comes in through window ventilators. Fresh air through window ventilators is more compact. Consequently, the air contains more units of oxygen and the human body responds better to fresh air than to pre-heated air as with a MHVR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery). The quality of the supply air from heat-recovery ventilation is at least as good however. The important thing is that there is continual ventilation 24/7 even when no one is in the space.

Did you know that you spend 90 % of the time within four walls?

CO2 to measure is to know

How do you know that enough fresh air is being supplied? A handy indicator is the concentration of CO2 in the air. This concentration must be under 800 ppm and you can measure this with a CO2-meter. A demand-controlled ventilation system improves the indoor climate considerably. This monitors the quality of the air constantly using sensors. If the concentration of moisture or CO2 gets too high, the air is refreshed automatically.

How does DUCO measure this CO2 concentration? Simply, using box sensors and stylish room sensors in white and black. These communicate wirelessly with the central ventilation units so that the extraction flow rate is regulated automatically in all dry and wet rooms. The advantage is that rooms that are empty, are not ventilated unnecessarily. Conversely, rooms with more occupants are ventilated more. DUCO‘s smart demand control delivers up to 40% less heating consumption. The additional investment in demand-controlled heating will therefore be recouped in approximately three years. With this smart demand control, the TronicVent ventilator opens and closes automatically. Ventilation only happens when and where it’s needed and furthermore, it’s completely noiseless. Comfort guaranteed!

Did you know that the indoor air is up to five times more polluted than the external air?

Ventilate 24 hours a day.

It’s important that a ventilation system is never switched off. Even if there are only a few people in a room, and the CO2 concentration is under 800 ppm, there could still be harmful particles, such as the coronavirus in the air. It is therefore important to ventilate continuously.

Did you know that a healthy indoor climate improves learning performance by up to 23 %?

Get a good night’s sleep

With DUCO, noisy ventilation systems are a thing of the past. You can get a good night’s sleep with any DucoBox. The DucoBox Silent Connect has minimum noise levels of less than 27 dB in living spaces. Moreover, with this type, you can choose between box sensors or room sensors both based on CO2 and/or humidity measurements. Also, the DucoBox Energy Premium is the quietest D system in the market, with a noise level of 55 dB for 325 m3/h.

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