Headaches, reduced productivity, sick leave: there are innumerable consequences of insufficient ventilation or ineffectual return air ducts in buildings. In view of the fact that we spend 90 percent of our lives inside, a healthy indoor climate is of vital importance. DUCO has some carefully considered total concepts for which people's health was used as the starting point, which allow users to benefit from a pleasant indoor climate in a range of living, work and leisure environments. 'DUCO at SCHOOL' is one of these concepts.


It is a worrying statistic: there is a bad indoor climate in around eighty percent of the schools in Belgium. Because every child and teacher should be able to expect a fresh and healthy indoor climate, ‘DUCO at SCHOOL’ uses a clever mix of natural ventilation and sun shade systems to provide a healthy living environment that is comfortable to spend time in and in which everyone can work to the best of their ability at any time of day. 

Five basic pillars for an optimum learning environment

These are qualities that DUCO has already proven during numerous school projects such as Pegasus Atheneum secondary school in Ostend, Sint-Franciscuscollege in Heusden-Zolder and Basisschool Neel primary school in Maasniel (NL). 'One solution, five pillars', that is how DUCO sums up the strength of the project. Thanks to a well-thought out use of basic ventilation, transfer ventilation, air extraction, ventilative (night) cooling and external solar shading, and through the architect, the fitter and others working together a sustainable, custom-made climate solution has already been provided for each of these schools. This means that in the school buildings stale odours, steamy windows and unfocused children are as rare as snow in August. 

Total solution

In order to deliver customised solutions to school boards, DUCO always makes every effort to have a face-to-face discussion with everyone involved at the earliest possible stage. DUCO has its own study service for this purpose, a specialist team that works both in the office and out in the field to provide expert, comprehensive advice and solid support. This enables them to work together to find a solution that will meet the client's and the user's wishes perfectly.

But to achieve the desired result in school buildings, different factors and circumstances also need to be taken into account. For example is there any traffic noise? In that case you wouldn't offer standard self-regulating window ventilators, but sound absorbing window ventilators. In the field of transfer ventilation that translates into the installation of large wall grilles or continuous louvre walls.

A pleasant climate in schools is one thing, but efficient energy consumption is at least of equal importance. DUCO can also provide this, for example with the DucoBox, an energy-saving extract unit, and by using ventilative (night) cooling. A wide range of solar shading systems is the final piece in DUCO's pillar concept!